At Discover Vision Therapy we are dedicated to physical therapy for your eyes. Your vision feeds your brain and all of its vital functions. How it perceives, learns, processes and guides your motor skills and function are largely driven by your vision.

While prescription eyeglasses are often a good first step, optimal performance at school, work and sports goes well beyond clarity of sight. We assess every aspect of your vision. How your eyes move, focus, absorb the world around you and direct your brain to respond, physically and emotionally, to what you see.

We work with you to make your eyes fitter, faster and stronger because we know you can and will do better. Whether it’s winning at sports or keeping up with your class, our programs create results that bring awareness and understanding to how your vision might be holding you back from achieving your goals.

Make an appointment today and find out how Discover Vision Therapy can help you or your child be more and achieve more.

Vision therapy is an effective treatment for a number of conditions, including:

  • Vision related learning problems
  • Crossed Eye (Straismus)
  • Lazy Eye (Ambloypia)
  • Eye Movement, teaming and tracking
  • Visual Processing or perception ailments
  • Stress-induced vision issues
  • Visual rehabilitation
  • Fine hand-eye coordination
  • Athletic vision improvement