Discover Vision Technology

We use high-grade optical filters, specialty lenses and prisms, stereoscopes, eye-hand activities, and perceptual tasks to provide detailed life-like images. These tools give us the accurate feedback we need to properly diagnose what is causing your vision issues and what treatments will give you the best chance of remediating your vision condition.
Through the use of these technologies we can re-learn how to use the visual system in a more efficient manner. Your treatment sessions will be a combination of using 3-D technology and hands-on exercises that you can also practice at home to speed up results.

Treatable Conditions at Discover Vision Therapy:

Crossed Eye (Strabismus): A condition where you can’t align both eyes simultaneously under normal conditions. One or both eyes might turn in, out or up, down.

Lazy Eye (Amblyopia): A decreased vision resulting from abnormal visual development in infancy or early childhood. Left untreated, vision loss can range from mild to severe.

Stress-induced vision problems: Blurry or double vision, headaches, dizziness and light sensitivity caused by overworking on little sleep.

Sports vision improvement: Improve depth perception, reaction rates, and fix double vision, dizzy spells, headaches and blurry vision caused by long hours and pushing your body beyond its limits.

Comprehensive Cognitive Assessment

At Discover Vision Therapy, we are geared towards measuring and monitoring how core areas of cognition are progressing throughout your treatment. Let’s begin by taking a sample of our 90 second cognitive test to measure your attention.

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