Discover Vision Therapy For Children

You want nothing more than to see your child succeed in all areas of his or her life. You’re concerned recent challenges are taking a toll on your child’s well-being and desire to perform. You’ve been researching how to put your child on the right track so school, extra curricular and social activities are not only rewarding but uplifting and fun.

An initial assessment appointment with Dr. Fahara is a great place to start. Your child will be welcomed and made to feel comfortable right from the start. Our aim is to conduct a stress free initial assessment to determine exactly how we can help. We will customize a vision therapy program specific to improving common issues like eyesight tracking, focusing, orientation and visual perception skills, conditions that can often hold your child back from following lines in a textbook or competing to their fullest ability in sports.

The commitment, time and effort that you and your child put into vision therapy both at our office and in your home will result in a much more confident and happy child, and household.

Is Vision Therapy the right option for your child?

Click here to download Dr. Mawani’s Child Vision Checklist before your appointment. Once complete, please save the PDF and email to

You can also contact us to set up an initial assessment.