Discover Vision Therapy For Business Professionals

Often we meet with executives who push their minds and bodies all in the name career success but find themselves with extreme headaches, double-vision, light sensitivity or even entire vision system breakdowns. If you’re finding yourself driving through traffic with blurry vision, pounding pain or suddenly find yourself in a dizzy spell – come in for a consultation with Dr. Fahara.

Through focused exercises and tools including optical filters, therapeutic lenses and visual-motor-sensory integration training devices, we can help you get focused and stay alert, all with less strain and fatigue.

Vision therapy can also be a tool recommended to those in human resources departments to help employees stay productive and take less sick days because of eye strain and headaches.

Is Vision Therapy the right option to assist with for your professional goals?

Click here to download Dr. Mawani’s Professional Vision Therapy Checklist before your appointment. Once complete, please save the PDF and email to