Discover Vision Therapy For Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Someone you love has suffered a brain injury. Often unexpected, through accident and sudden (stroke) or progressive disease, we understand the enormous emotional toll you are undoubtedly facing. Recovery takes patience and perseverance but with time and commitment to our therapies, we can effectively work to restore as much eye and brain function as are possible.

Difficulty reading, dizziness with motion, double vision and balance problems are the most devastating and impairing results of brain injury.

Assessment and early treatment from Discover Vision Therapy will help yield the most effective results, while reducing the risk of long-term visual discomfort.
A short, informative session with Dr. Fahara will put your mind at ease and put your loved one on the path to recovery. Gentle yet focused treatments will get you back to where you want to be, doing more and enjoying life.

Is Vision Therapy the right option to assist with for your rehabilitation?

Click here to download Dr. Mawani’s Rehabilitation Vision Therapy Checklist before your appointment. Once complete, please save the PDF and email to