How vision training improves skiing performance

December 13, 2016
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Did you know that vision training improves skiing performance, making you a faster, smoother skier?

Seeing 20/20 isn’t the only measure of good vision. You may see far off objects well, but your vision isn’t just one skill. Vision is a set of several skills, including depth perception, reaction time and peripheral vision. Theses skills can be improved with vision training to enhance performance  and avoid injury.

Sports vision testing evaluates how you use your vision while moving around outdoors and navigating through obstacles. Performance testing also deals with hand-eye or eye-foot co-ordination, anticipation, concentration and speed.

At Discover Vision Therapy, we specialize in sports vision training and getting you to that next level of performance.

Here are the top 5 vision skills skiers need to improve their ability:

  • Focus Flexibility- Skiers need to be able to shift focus and react quickly to features on the mountain
  • Contrast sensitivity- this is a key visual skill for skiers because they must see every shadow in the snow before them so they know when to turn and anticipate changes in the snow or mountain conditions
  • Depth perception- good awareness of space is so important when doing any sport at speed
  • Reaction time- Remember, the faster you see it, the faster you react, the faster you move!
  • Peripheral awareness- When we are stressed or our adrenaline is running high, we tend to shut down our peripheral vision. Opening up your awareness of obstacles and other skiers helps you to quickly plan your best line.